Sconcerto is a word game in italian: is a concert that provokes a disconcertment.
Inspired by a picture from Man Ray, a strange and poetic figure inhabit an old suit-case theatre: is a woman cello,The strings are her own hair, her curvy body is her instrument, a celebration of the woman body transformed in a poetic figure, her eyes are closed, connecting with the soul of the music. A dream atmosphere is what she spreads.
She is alone on the scene, she looks melancholic, and she starts to play to comfort her soul.
Her range goes from Bach to Bizet, from Sollima to Umebayashi, from an adagio to an allegro con fuoco.
Sconcerto has born like a street performance, I had been playing it in the street through France, Switzerland and Italy, Sconcerto is also a urban installation, mainly in the heart of the historic centre, connecting with the architecture of the place and the histories thiese old stones tellm, making resound the notes of the cello in this silent space.
But can also be a camera concert, to be played in a cozy closed space or in a small theatre.


Fellini Boulevard is a string puppets tribute to Fellini's world.
From an old red box comes out a melancholic and funny character inspired to “la Strada” protagonist, Gelsomina. She looks confused, it seems she had slept for thousands years, and now she's awake. The circus she was working in has gone, it rests only the shadow of her dream, a big fat woman whose body is a circus tent, and a trumpet. But suddenly, when Gelsomina starts to play, all the magic is back...

 Ballata per matrioska e carillon.

 Ballata per matrioska e carillon. prologo a uno studio sobre el vacio. Vacio es lo que queda despues que algo ha estado lleno. El vacio que se queda en un vientre despues que ha estado abitado. La matrioska, imagen simbolo del ser madre, de una cadena potencialmente infinita de "mama llena de bebè" (Miriam Reyes), es aquì protagonista inquietante de un parto. Una cuna vacia cullata por el viento al suono di una ninna nanna di un carillon dalla melodia sempre più deformata. La matrioska mama està encima de un tocadiscos, y empieza a girar, siempre mas rapido, siempre mas rapido, hasta abrirse en dos y dar luz a la matrioska bebè, mucho mas fragil, solo de papel y alambre, que se quema al acercarse demasiado a una vela. no queda nada de ella, solo ceniza y el alma de alambre.

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