Michela Aiello

was born in Rome the 23th of January 1984.

She attends at the courses of Performing Arts  at University of Rome "La Sapienza". She will decide to deepen the study of traditional indian arts connected with The Source's Research-Indian Performing Arts Project with Abani Biswas, Grotowski's collaborator, in a residential workshop in India.
She graduetes cum laude in 2006 in Aestethics (prof. Pietro  Montani) with a thesis about the ethical and witness duty of the theatre "after Auschwitz", where she investigates, starting from Adorno's assumption, the european theatrical panorama from the second post-war years till the contemporary one.

She moves to Milan to work as assistant director for the productions of Teatro della Cooperativa during the theatre season 2006-2007 and she attends the first two years of the Directing Course at the Civica Scuola d'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi.

She takes part to the Fringe Festival of Edimburgh (2009) with the show "Trilogy" by Nic Green, a celebration of women's bodies in their different shapes, and she will repeat the experience performing in London in january 2010 in the Battersea Art Center and in the Barbican.

She then moves to Barcelona, where she approachs to butoh dance, attending courses and workshops with "Cuerpo Transitorio" and she starts an artistic collaboration with Jennifer Moule, english director and performer. So they give birth to the audiovisual project of urban performance incursions "todo esto no es MacBa" and their duo "sinelupo" . They love to play with clichè of feminine, with camouflage and the incursion of surreal in the daily life, and to carry out an ironic and poetic provocation and reflection about contemporary art borders, performing in the streets and in the theaters of Barcelona, Rome and Palermo.

(www.sinelupo.yolasite.com     www.caputxetes.blogspot.com)

In october 2010 she enters for the first time in the Taller de Pepe Otal, a puppet's open Atelier in Barcelona, where she has the possibility to discover a various and gorgeus universe of puppets and to build her first string puppets. On February 2011 she starts to play in the streets of Barcelona  with her first puppet's show, accompanied by a double bass player, and she will spent her summer performing in the street of various festival in France (Avignon, Chalon dans la rue, Mirepoix, Charleville).
In october 2011 she attends to a workshop in Torin with the chilean puppetteer Sergio Barrios and she goes back to the Taller in Barcelona, where she works and lives.

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